Behind the glamor of every successful start-up are a dozen others that didn’t make it. Building a company is grueling. Sleepless nights, self-doubt, and countless obstacles, are the day-in, day-out reality of committing to this incredibly hard, and in many ways, irrational, journey.

Some days you’ve got it all figured out, and others you’re questioning everything. Some days people understand your vision and others, you’re met with only naysayers. There isn’t a routine, there isn’t a safety net. But there is a common denominator, willpower.

It takes a special person to persevere in the face of that adversity—to stare straight into the face of long odds and meet them head on:

You take pride in being the underdog, and refuse to be denied.

You’ve faced challenges, roadblocks, and barriers, but never back down.

You dig deep within yourself to transform obstacles into inspiration for the change you’re creating.

You’ve never been afraid of the work.

You’ve defined your ambition, and are relentless in your pursuit of it.

We’ve been there, with our backs against the wall. So if you show up, if you understand the incredible power of determination, we’re here to build with you.