Announcing Will Ventures Fund I

We’re thrilled to announce the closing of Will Ventures Fund I, an oversubscribed $50 million fund backed by university endowments, professional sports team owners, and proven entrepreneurs.


Will Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm dedicated to backing relentless entrepreneurs with the will to change the world. 


As a firm, our mission is to find the grittiest entrepreneurs we can and partner with them for the long haul. That’s because we believe that will power is the common denominator for success in entrepreneurship.


We’ve worked at bootstrapped companies, venture-backed companies, and startup funds. Every new venture brings its own unique set of financial, mental, and physical challenges, but all demand one thing consistently: will power. That’s why, as investors, we place a tremendous emphasis on character and, above all else, an indomitable will to succeed.

We are not a “sports tech” fund. 


We’re generalist investors with a unique lens: we believe that the reach, demands, and allure of the sports market make it an ideal proving ground for new technologies. So, we leverage our network and expertise within professional sports, consumer technology, healthcare, and entertainment to help early-stage startups win. We cover rapidly growing markets like fitness, gaming, health & wellness, immersive media, and nutrition. But as hands-on investors, our criteria is simple: if we can add value, we can invest. So if you think we should partner, please reach out.

We’ve earned the right to a point of view. 


We believe that expertise matters, so we’ve put in the hard work.


For years, we’ve conducted research that informs our investment strategy. We’ve analyzed thousands of startups, mapped hundreds of competitive landscapes, and consulted on dozens of corporate M&A and technology roadmaps. This work helped us identify trends and opportunities in the markets we care most about. What’s more, it allowed us to develop a network of corporate, financial, and entrepreneurial partners around the firm.


To put it simply, we have strong opinions about how sports will shape the future of technology. We aren’t “spray and pray” investors—we lead with conviction and roll-up our sleeves alongside the entrepreneurs we partner with.

We are grateful for the entrepreneurs and investors that believe in us and are committed to proving them right.


You’ve been an incredible inspiration to us. Thank you.

The Will Ventures Team


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