Seed-stage partners helping sports-centric companies bring their brands far beyond the field and gym.

Will to Evolve


It all starts with sports.

Sports are an integral part of society—they shape cultures, break down socio-economic barriers and inspire billions worldwide. As athletes, coaches, and fans, competition has the power to expand our bodies and minds.

Historically, that pressure-cooker has been the perfect environment for emerging technology, products and media.




From consumer, to healthcare, to media, many of the products and services we use have been proven out in sport.

We believe that history will repeat itself—sports are entrenched in our cultural DNA and have been for hundreds of years. So, our team is hyper-focused on identifying the next wave of sports-centric innovations.


Health & Wellness

Athletes are ideal early-adopters.

Healthcare is broken. Today, the majority of healthcare dollars go toward treating preventable, lifestyle-based illnesses, indicating a clear need for proactive care. This is not a new problem and change has been slow to come. However, innovations like wearable sensors, wireless networks and low-cost diagnostics offer real solutions to some of healthcare's biggest problems. And, many of those innovations are being pressure-tested in sport.

Sports are a microcosm of the health and wellness market—athletes trial the latest and greatest technologies to maximize performance and minimize risk of injury. They are remotely monitored, checked for nutritional deficiencies, offered cutting-edge therapies and more. The demands of elite sports make athletes ideal early-adopters of consumer healthcare innovations. That’s why we’re using sports as a lens to identify the next breakthroughs in health and wellness.


Media & Content

Sports maintain the last captive audience.

The ways we create, distribute and consume content are changing. Over the last decade, the movement from broadcast television to over-the-top (OTT) content has upended the status quo. Today, audiences prefer short-form media and expect on-demand content. These trends have challenged incumbent media providers and disrupted historical business models. Yet, sports remain a constant amidst media’s changing landscape. 

Sports command the last captive audience. In an age of waning attention spans and on-demand content, sports are the only form of media that viewers refuse to timeshift. That means that the value of sports media will continue to increase for years to come. It also means that sports media is uniquely positioned to bring outsized value to emerging media companies. So, we’re betting on sports to prove out the next wave of game-changing media technologies.