The Will to Evolve

Today we’re excited to launch our brand identity for the next evolution of Will Ventures. Our new look better expresses and more sharply hones the core ethos of our business: the power of human will.


Where We Started

Over ten years ago when we set out to launch our firm, we thought about the legacy we would want to leave decades later. Will Ventures was established around a set of values inherent to every decision we make. 


We are in this for the long haul.


What we knew then is what we still know today: human willpower is the differentiator. In early discussions about our values, we immediately noticed a common tenor. We’re all hungry; we all push boundaries; we all hang our hats on extraordinary work ethic.


As Will Ventures grew, we were able to build with more and more entrepreneurs. We quickly found that the power of human will is inherently bound to the entrepreneur’s journey. To be an entrepreneur, you must have unwavering conviction. You must be able to dig deep and find a way to succeed despite rejection.


And so the most potent element of our brand identity was solidified — our name. Will Ventures stands for the relentless pursuit of success in the face of uncertainty.


Where We Are Going

The tenacity that inspired the origins of Will Ventures drives so much more. The next evolution of our firm is all about finding entrepreneurs from all walks of life who showcase the power of human will in their business. We will build an enduring early-stage firm that celebrates, amplifies, and supports entrepreneurs’ willingness to lay it all on the line to achieve greatness.


This is not new. The founders in our portfolio have faced a wide array of challenges that have transformed them and their businesses. We’ve been so inspired by the entrepreneurs with whom we work that it has reinvigorated our passion for perseverance. Our founders have reminded us to embrace being an underdog.


Like the companies in our portfolio, Will Ventures is being built from the ground up. As a startup firm, we know the grit and resilience necessary for growth, and we find our position as a challenger to be one of our greatest assets. 


We know that the decisions we make today will guide the path of our firm in years to come. That’s why we’re pushing our ethos to the forefront of everything we do.


Who We Are Today


In the coming days you’ll see our brand refresh take place across our owned channels and communications. 


“The power of human will is an idea that’s at the core of all that we do. It’s a belief that inspires the culture of the firm internally, and fuels the drive behind our mission to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs for the long haul.  As a team, we’re excited that this evolution of our brand identity unlocks the underlying aspiration of who we are, and where we have always been headed.


Kirby Porter, Director of Marketing, Will Ventures


We were fortunate enough to collaborate with brand design agency Butter, a creative studio that uses design and language to tell the stories of game changers in sports and beyond. The website they made for us expresses the core of who we are as a company, and better positions us to share our vision with all of you.


“We partnered with Will Ventures to translate their new strategy into tangible assets that represent their evolution, while staying true to their roots. We used language, imagery, animation, and more to capture the essence of Will Ventures’ motivations and ambitions, and deliver that messaging in a way that succinctly and powerfully communicates their offering to all of you.” 


Cari Sekendur, Principal + Creative Director, Butter Studio


We want Will Ventures to be more than a firm who tells people who it is and what it does. Our goal with our new identity is to emotionally and viscerally connect directly to those who share our passion and our drive as we continue our journey together. 


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