Beating the Odds with Isaiah Kacyvenski

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Will Ventures


“Let no one outwork you today.”


The words Isaiah Kacyvenski wrote to himself the day after he didn’t make the varsity football team have turned into a life mantra that he’s carried through each step of his journey.


From poverty to the NFL, athlete to entrepreneur, and researcher to Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Will Ventures, Isaiah’s story in beating the odds is still being written.


This conversation takes you along his unexpected journey to building Will Ventures. Along the way we discuss:


  • How his upbringing in poverty fueled his drive to control his destiny in life.


  • Lessons on optimizing human performance on and off the field from 8 years in the NFL.


  • The steps he took to get to the launch of Will Ventures, including insight that first sent Isaiah down the path of entrepreneurship and research before co-founding the firm.


  • How the power of human will became the inspiration behind the firm’s name.


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